Skating with Patric Chan

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On Thursday, April 16th, the Grade 3-6 students were very excited to go skating at the Richmond Oval. We were invited by 2 River Green for free skate and the opportunity to see Olympic skater and world champion Patrick Chan. A great time was had by all.

Grade 3-4 Class Quotes:

Lukas-“Patrick Chan was very good on the ice.”

Michelle-“He did flips and spins on the ice, wow!”

Maddie-“Everyone got a free t-shirt and autographed picture.”

Jake-“There were 3 rules for us.

  1. No pushing
  2. No running
  3. Wear a helmet”

Tony Z-“We watched the Patrick Chan performance. He was a world champion for three years. He did lots of amazing moves in the performance. He spun in the air for 3 seconds.”

Jacob-“I think Patrick Chan is a cool guy.”

Vinna-“While we were eating a snack we got to see a performance of Patrick Chan and other figure skaters.”

Jason-“My favourite part was when he was dancing on the ice.”