Entrepreneurship Exhibition

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An all-too-common conversation we’ve heard time and again: “Why didn’t school teach me essential financial literacy skills for life? What about taxes? Debt? Basic budgeting?”

At PA, we’re happy to change that narrative through innovative programs, like our school wide Entrepreneurship Exhibition and guess who stopped by to help inspire some serious entrepreneurial spirit? Alumni Harley Bolt and Megan Zhao! Coming back as entrepreneurship project advisors, they are teaming up local community resources who bring their passion for financial literacy and business mindsets to life. 😎💡

But wait, there’s more! A proud first resource, Financiable, with members Amy Wang, Shuyou Wen, and Angela Wang from St. George’s School and St. John’s School, shared their insights with grades 6 and 7 classes. Specifically, they delved into financial literacy through games, discussion and real world examples- like money management, and financial formulas to live by! 🔥🌟💼
This is what it’s all about – sharing dreams and knowledge, teamwork, and making it happen!