Little Pythagoreans at work and play!

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Colour Symphony

The photos above show our science experiment…

What To Do:

1. Carefully pour the milk into the tray so that it just covers the bottom.

2. Add about 6-8 drops of different colored food coloring onto the milk in different spots.

3. Add about 5 drops of the liquid soap onto the drops of food coloring and watch the show.

How Does It Work?

When we drop the liquid soap onto the tray, it tried to break down the fat in the milk. While it was doing that, it caused the colors to scatter and mix creating a very colorful display.

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Teen Board: Quantity and Symbols in Base 10

Aim: To associate the teen numerals (11~19) with the quantity (10s + 1s)


1. Place the wooden boards vertically one beneath the other.

2. Combine ten bars and coloured bead bars to make quantity (11~19).

3. Make the appropriate numerals on the Teen.

Thoughts On Our Children’s Work and Play…

Pythagoras Academy is principled on a classical education that embodies experiential learning with multiple approaches rooted in the arts and sciences. By classical we mean an integrative, interdependent, and multidisciplinary program, which also includes character building – the social and emotional development that fosters universal values, ethics, and compassion.

Developing a strong ability to understand conceptual elements from experiential learning and the relationship or interdependence of elements with subject specific principles is a vital component of meaningful learning. From the general to the particular and back again, learning spirals and scaffolds its way through the years from early childhood to graduation.

Drawing from advanced findings in developmental studies, we also implement some of the latest brain research to ensure we are nurturing mindfulness, artistry, and clarity of thought and expression.

Visit our blog often to discover how our students engage meaningfully across various disciplines through investigational practices that inspire inquiry, skill building, problem solving, creativity, and critical reflection.