Indigenous Societies around the World|Volunteer Appreciation Tea

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Indigenous Societies around the World


The grade 3 students have been working on two guided inquiry projects to show their understanding of the big ideas in science and social studies. Students now know that indigenous societies throughout the world value the well-being of the self, the land, spirits, and ancestors. They also know that wind, water, and ice change the shape of the land. To show their knowledge, students had to create an information poster or book about a type of extreme weather and how it changes the shape of the land and include words like erosion, deposition, and weathering in their presentation. Very creative dioramas were created as well. For social studies, students explored the cultures of various global indigenous groups and created an information poster or book and a model of a tool, clothing, shelter, etc. The students shared their learned with parents and staff in a guided inquiry showcase last week. Ms. Konantz and Mrs. Barry are very proud of the grade 3 students for all of their hard work in the planning, researching, and creating of these projects.

Volunteer Appreciation Tea

Last week the students and staff at Pythagoras Academy gathered to thank the parents, grandparents, and community members for all of their hard work and support. At the Volunteer Appreciation Tea the grade 6/7 students performed a beautiful handbell piece, the grade 2/3 students sang an inspiring song, and the grade 1C class performed an acrostic poem about volunteers. The students then handed out a flower to their family member as a token of gratitude. Families then enjoyed cookies and tea or coffee. We are so thankful for everything you do to support our school. We couldn’t do this without you!