Happy Mother’s Day|ELMACON Mathematics Championship|Indigenous Storytelling|Hands-On in Grade 2|Grade 3’s go to Grouse Mountain

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Happy Mother’s Day

In Miss Simpson’s grade one class students celebrated Mother’s Day with a beautiful tea party. Students baked and decorated cookies, recited poems and created a short video to share with their moms.

Mday tea

ELMACON Mathematics Championship

On Saturday, May 6th, some of the grade 5, 6 and 7 students took part in the 19th annual ELMACON mathematics championship. The contest was held at the University of British Columbia and approximately 300 students came together to compete. The students enjoyed challenging themselves, and they are proud of their accomplishments. A big congratulations to Tony Hou, in grade 6, for placing in the top 25 students! Great job representing Pythagoras Academy everyone! We are looking forward to participating in ELMACON next year.


Indigenous Storytelling

Rebecca Campbell, an Indigenous lady from Squamish, came into our school to share some stories orally with the students in both grade one classes. In the First Peoples culture it is very traditional for the elders to tell stories about the land to teach different lessons. Rebecca told us many stories, taught us about what a longhouse is, the importance of salmon in their culture and all about the cedar tree. She was very engaging and the students loved listening to her funny and scary stories!



Hands-On in Grade 2

To enrich student understanding, the grade two students have been participating in many hands-on activities. In both language arts and math, students were manipulating different objects to complete a task or challenge. For example, they sorted number cards while they studied multiplication in math, and use raw macaroni noodles to represent quotations marks while working on story writing skills.
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Grade 3’s go to Grouse Mountain

he grade 3 classes went to Grouse Mountain on Monday, May 8 and had a wonderful day. The weather cooperated and students really enjoyed the activities. We took the gondola up the mountain and then watched the video Xtreme Wild, a story about how the two grizzly bears, Grinder and Coola, came to be on Grouse Mountain. After the movie we went on an eco-walk and saw the two grizzly bears up close. We discussed how grizzly bears adapt by hibernating. Then we went to the Hwius Feasthouse and enjoyed a traditional First Nations lunch that included vegetable soup and candied salmon. Students heard stories from a First Nations elder and created a craft with felt.

grouse mountatin