AIM French|Weather Study

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AIM French

In kindergarten and grade one classes, students have been participating in several French vocabulary centres. Students have practiced writing and drawing vocabulary words with whiteboards or building the words with letter tiles. They have also worked with a partner to match pictures to the corresponding word. In small groups with Madame Severloh, they have been practicing matching sentences and pictures. Some of the vocabulary words being practiced are from the play La poule Maboule and some words are part of the “pared down language” that is taught through the AIM program. To learn more about “pared down language” in the AIM program, please check out this article:


Weather Study

This term in grade 3, students are studying the big idea: Wind, water, and ice change the shape of the land, so we have started the unit by studying weather. While learning about the water cycle, students created their own story, detailing the journey of a water particle through the water cycle. Using imagery, juicy words, and creative writing skills, the grade 3’s wrote a plan, a rough draft, and recorded their story on the iPads along with hand drawn pictures. This activity connects weather to our last units in science, matter and thermal energy because students were encouraged to discuss the addition of hot or cold temperatures for the particle to change state of matter.