Écoute la phrase et fais un dessin (Listen to the sentence and draw a picture)|Using a Scale|Circus Club

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Écoute la phrase et fais un dessin (Listen to the sentence and draw a picture)

In French classes this week, students have been listening to Madame Severloh say sentences, such as, Je bois de l’eau (I drink water). Students then needed to draw a quick picture on their whiteboards that matched the sentence. Students showed a lot of creativity with their drawings. For example, some students drew a person being passed by une tortue (a turtle) to match the sentence, Je marche lentement (I walk slowly). This activity allows Madame Severloh to quickly see if students are understanding the vocabulary we have been working on. Bravo tout le monde!

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Using a Scale

Math lesson, discovery of a scale as a tool to weight an object. Exploration with objects from the classroom, the students had to make predictions on which object is the lightest/heaviest.



Circus Club

In circus club we have been learning how to master the art of prop manipulation. Grade 1 and 2 students have been enjoying their time practicing a wide variety of skills and learning new techniques. It has been a pleasure to see such quick progress and enthusiastic attitudes.