Mixtures|Compounds|Chemical Bonds

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In grade 6 students have been learning about mixtures and the different component properties they have. They have experimented with different separation methods for heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures. Students explored a solution of diatomaceous earth and water and found that the particles had a greater density than water and settled to the bottom of the cup. The investigation of a salt water solution resulted in allowing time for the water to evaporate in order to separate the mixture.



In grade 7 students have been learning about how elements come together to form compounds. The students were given the challenge of building a number of compounds with marshmallows and testing their peers in a game of matching. This activity helps with understanding how to read chemical formulas like C2H6O.


Chemical Bonds

Students have been experimenting with how chemical bonds can form crystalline structures. As a class, students super-saturated a solution with a boron compound and suspended a material within the solution. As the solution cooled it formed a beautiful crystal structure around our material.