Jackson Pollock Artist Study in Grade Two|Learning about Cubism in Grade Three Art|Learning French Through Games

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Jackson Pollock Artist Study in Grade Two

Grade two students learned about abstract expressionism and drip paintings by viewing and discussing Jackson Pollock’s artwork. Students had fun with using sponges to apply acrylic paint to their canvas and with dripping and throwing paint. Children discussed how artists use a variety of tools in making their artwork and experimented with using three different tools while painting.


Learning about Cubism in Grade Three Art

Grade three students learned how shapes can form images of the figure, by studying Pablo Picasso’s paintings and learning about the style of cubism. Students continued to question why artists choose to make artwork and how art changes and develops over time. Children used acrylic paint to create their figures while learning how to blend and mix colors.



Learning French Through Games

On Thursday’s French class, 1C played a game called Qu’est-ce qui se passe? (What’s going on?). Madame Severloh read a sentence and students had to decide whether picture number one or picture number two matched her sentence. They lifted up a card to show which one they thought. In the photos below, students listened to the sentence, Un gland tombe sur la tête de la poule Maboule. (An acorn fell on Maboule the chicken). This was a great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of French vocabulary we’ve learned so far and to gain exposure to written French!