Sequencing French Sentences|Field Trip to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum|Bright Learning

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Sequencing French Sentences

After watching the video for Qui a peur du méchant loup?, the 6/7 class “mets les phrases en ordre” (put the sentences in order). Students worked with a partner to accomplish the task. Students then watched the video again, and were able to double check their work. Click the link below if you’d like to listen to the song! It’s very catchy. Bon travail, tout le mode!


Field Trip to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Grade three students explored biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life by comparing structures and behaviours of local animals and plants in different habitats and communities. Students participated in hands-on activities and use museum specimens to learn about adaptations and relationships. Students had the opportunity to discuss and apply their knowledge of concepts such as evolution, natural selection, adaptations, food webs, taxonomy, survival, ecosystems, and biomes.


GroupBright Learning

In Miss Simpson’s grade one class, students are learning about light energy. They have discussed artificial and natural sources of light, the importance of light and how light travels. As a class students learned how to identify objects and materials as transparent, translucent and opaque. Below are some students engaged in light exploration involving shadow making, a light table and flashlights.