Healthy Living Week at Pythagoras Academy|Skeletal Systems in Grade Five|Research Projects in Grade Two|Biodiversity Dioramas in Grade 3|Art Experiment in JK

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Healthy Living Week at Pythagoras Academy


November 21-25 is Healthy Living Week at Pythagoras Academy. Students started the week off by wearing athletic clothing and attending an assembly all about how to live a healthy life. Grade threes started the assembly off by getting everyone moving with a fun warm up. Next they performed many different skits demonstrating the importance of many healthy habits including drinking water, exercising, getting lots of sleep and eating healthy food.


Each day of the week, students are participating in a smoothie challenge. Classes are paired up with another class to create a smoothie consisting of three fruits, water and ice. The team who wins receives an extra PE class on Friday.


Skeletal Systems in Grade Five

The students in grade five are working on their science final assessment project for the term. Jason made a bone out of clay for his skeletal system presentation.The students have been working on writing a report. This writing contains facts, written in the present tense and written for a specific audience. All of the students will be presenting how our body systems interact and survive in their environment.



Research Projects in Grade Two

The grade two students are working on research with technology in both their science and social studies classes. Specifically, they practiced using QR codes to help them get to resources quicker. Using websites, videos, and articles, the students are gathering information to complete independent and group projects.


Biodiversity Dioramas in Grade 3

In grade 3 science, students have been studying biodiversity. They have explored the big idea that living things are diverse, can be grouped, and interact with their ecosystems. Applying their knowledge of animal and plant adaptations, basic needs, and facts about different habitats, students created a diorama of their ecosystem of choice. They have included facts about their ecosystem and the animals and plants that interact with it.



Art Experiment in JK

For this Artistic experiment, students used a golf ball, Tempera and a plastic tray. This process oriented activity encouraged children to focus on their eye-hand coordination as they tilt, tip and move the tray to get the ball rolling in different directions.