Learning about Growth Mindset and Neurons in Kindergarten|Learning About Weather in JK

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Learning about Growth Mindset and Neurons in Kindergarten

Students in KB are learning about how to cultivate a growth mindset in their words and actions. After participating in a very difficult paper sculpture activity, children shared how being faced with challenges made them feel along with their reactions to confronting difficult tasks. The students worked together to brainstorm positive ‘self talk’ for when they feel discouraged or intimidated by a task. After the discussion on how positive thoughts and language can help your brain development, students were eager to learn more about these ‘neurons’ inside the brain. We identified the different parts of a neuron, then they constructed our own!


Learning About Weather in JK

Students in Kepler class are learning about weather. Students participated in a Wind Vane Project. They were asked the questions like:

1. Do we have a lot wind in our area?

2. What makes wind blow?

3. How does wind power energy work? How can we use wind energy?