Go Canucks Go!|Co-operative Community Building in Kindergarten|Whats the Matter?|Science and Math in Grade 4/5|Learning about Hibernation with Puppets

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Go Canucks Go!

Students in grades four through seven were invited to attend a Canucks game at Rogers Arena. The tickets were donated by the Canucks through a program called Community Partnerships. The purpose of the field trip was for students to Canadian cultural experience of watching a live hockey game. Students saw professional athletes display their talents and athleticism; maybe one day students will try the sport out for themselves!

Canucks game

Co-operative Community Building in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students are learning about people and places that are found in the community. Students brainstormed different places found in a neighbourhood and why these places are important to have. Then, students were divided into planning teams to design their own community. Students then created a blueprint to plan how they were going to build their community and used it to guide their construction. Each group focused on creating buildings, houses, parks or roads.

K city building

Whats the Matter?

Students in grade one participated in a science workshop all about matter. Students reviewed the forms of matter: liquid, solid and gas. They learned about volume, cohesion and how molecules move in each form. Students participated in three science experiments. To explore cohesion students used a pipette (eye dropper) to see how many drops of water they would fit on top of a penny. The second experiment involved two secret ingredients that created an irreversible reaction. The secret ingredients were vinegar and baking soda. Ask your child what happened when they mixed the two! The third experiment involved children making “oobleck”, a gooey substance that takes the state of a solid and a liquid. Lastly, students learned about water pressure by watching a plastic looking squid move up and down in a bottle full of water as they applied pressure to the outside of the bottle.

whats the matter

Science and Math in Grade 4/5

Grade four students (left) played a game to reinforce addition skills. Adding ones, tens and hundreds was computed to reach a target number. The students used mental math and regrouping with standard algorithms. Following the game, they wrote an assessment to demonstrate their understanding. The students in grade 5 are working on their science summative assessment. On the right a student is working on the Mind Map component. The students are using a rubric to guide their completion of the components of the entire project.

grade 4 and 5 math nov

Learning about Hibernation with Puppets

Students in Michelangelo are learning about hibernation. To illustrate hibernation, students created puppets; one side of the puppet shows an animal that is awake (representing the season of fall) and the other side of the puppet shows the animal asleep (representing the season of winter).

JK puppets