Van Gogh Sunflowers in JK|Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Field Trip|Exploring Fall in Music|Learning the importance of clean teeth in JK|Pumpkins Everywhere!

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Van Gogh Sunflowers in JK

Student discussed lines in Van Gogh’s paintings. Students used yarn to represent the center of the flower and a variety of paper to create the petals. They used Tempera and different tones of yellow to colour their flower.

JK Van Gogh

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Students embarked on their first field trip of the Kindergarten school year. At the pumpkin patch, children enjoyed taking a hay ride, playing in the hay stacks, and walking through the pumpkin patch. To conclude our adventure, each child selected their very own pumpkin to take home. Students spent time identifying the different parts of a pumpkin, such as the seeds and vine!

KB pumpkin

Kindergarten students also participated in a pumpkin investigation with the classroom pumpkins. Students learned about measurement (height and circumference), pumpkin colours, and how pumpkins can be useful to us!


Exploring Fall in Music

In October, JK students have been exploring fall through sound and music. Using rhythm sticks , students tapped the rhythm of the rhyme Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater. Although, they are all still wondering why Peter put his wife in a pumpkin shell?

JK Music Oct

Students learned and sang two new songs about Fall: “Falling Leaves” and “Fall”. To keep the steady beat during the songs, students played: drums, bass and alto xylophones. They have talked about the colours of leaves and the seasonal harvest. Ms. Dragana made a pumpkin patch in the music classroom! Students even picked up pumpkins while singing their Pumpkin Patch Song.

Learning the importance of clean teeth in JK

Junior Kindergarten students in Galileo have been learning how to keep their body healthy. To see the affect sugar has on their teeth students put pretend teeth in pop to see what might happen to their own teeth. They then used a toothbrush to clean their pretend tooth to make it white again. We emphasized the importance of brushing our own teeth in order to keep our teeth clean and our bodies healthy.

Jk Teeth Brushing

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Students in Da Vinci Class have been learning how pumpkins grow. Students had the opportunity to cut open a pumpkin, and explore the inside. Students then roasted the pumpkin seeds, and ate them.

Jk Pumpkins