Soapstone Carving

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Soapstone Carving

On Thursday, October 20, 2016 the students in Grades 3-7 learned and participated in soapstone carving. Oliver Harwood, a soapstone artist, showed the students how to use different tools and water to shape and smooth the soapstone into one of the following Canadian animals: an orca, a wolf, a seal or a bear. All of the students were focussed for 90 minutes and crafted some excellent pieces.

soap stone gr 67

Grade sixes and sevens working with Oliver Harwood.

The purpose of the soapstone carving was to connect to the big idea in Social Studies “people from diverse cultures and societies share some common experiences and aspects of life”. Students have explored aspects of their own culture. During the soapstone carving session students had an opportunity to see how art is expressed in many First Nations groups and that local animals are often included in this type of art.

Soap Stone grade 3

Grade threes working carefully to design their soapstone animals.