Water Cycle Painting | Pumpkin Exploration | Me in a Bag

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Water Cycle Painting

The grade 2 students have been exploring the water cycle in their science classes. In their visual journals, each student drew and painted their own water cycle to explain their understanding. Students used water colours and included fact boxes that fold out and explain each scientific word.

Gr 2- Water cycle

Pumpkin Exploration

After the field trip to the pumpkin patch, kindergarten students measured the height of the pumpkins that they picked. Students stacked cubes to find out how many cubes it took to reach the top of their pumpkin. Then they recorded their findings and drew a picture of their pumpkin.



Me in a Bag

The grade 1 students prepared their “Me in a Bag” and bravely presented to their classes. Each student put items into their bag that they felt best represented them and explained each item and how it represented him or her. Students also decorated the bag in Visual Arts so that even the bag accurately represented them. Great job Grade 1!

Gr 1 Me in a Bag