Pythagoras Academy Gives Back – Food Drive 2019

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Author Natalie Palombo

Pythagoras Academy is a school that loves to give back. Every year our school community enjoys giving to the Richmond Food Bank. The Richmond Food Bank was founded on March 6, 1983 and has grown from serving 20 people to being able to provide nutritious and quality food for 2200 people in need. The Richmond Food bank serves a wide variety of clients; 32% of which are children. According to a Canadian Breakfast clubs survey, 1 in 5 Canadian children are going to school hungry. Teachers are aware that hunger affects school performance, behaviour and attitude. Additionally, Pythagoras Academy has chosen to donate clothing to Crabtree Corner, which is an organization that provides a range of services such as transitional housing, parenting classes, a community kitchen and more. Pythagoras Academy is grateful that we are in a position to donate to these important local organizations. This year, our food and clothing drive ran from December 2nd to the 6th. Our school community came together to donate six bins of food, toiletries as well as monetary donations. We are proud that our school community is able to serve local families in need through our contributions.