Halloween Events

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Author: Jasmine Xu, Natalie Palombo

Halloween was an enjoyable and exciting event this year. On the morning of Oct. 31st, 2019, our day started with a costume parade throughout the school. Kindergarten classes picked up the JK classes first and then moved onto the learning pods and the elementary hallway.

We gathered in the gym for a special Halloween assembly, led by grade five students.

The grade five students discussed historical Halloween origins and customs that turned into our Halloween traditions today. Students discussed the Celtic Samhain festival and how the Christians changed the tradition 1200 years ago. They called it “All Hallows Eve” and over time it became known as Halloween. Students performed a dance to the song, “Somebody’s Watching Me” and recited a historical poem from 1897 entitled, “My Dad is Dracula”. Students performed a skit about how to be more open-hearted during Halloween by becoming a Halloween Hero and donating to UNICEF. The proceeds from Halloween Heros will go to children who need health care, food and education. The Halloween assembly was concluded with well-wishes for a safe and happy Halloween, as well as a reminder for about Halloween manners and etiquette.

In the afternoon, classes had Halloween parties, filled with delicious snacks, fun games, crafts, and spooky age-appropriate movies.

Each class also decorated their classroom door with student work, Halloween decorations, recycled materials and natural materials. Check out some of the creative and unique door decorations!

We also started a guessing game at the front door early this week. Students had to write down their predictions of how many spooky creatures were in the jar. The winners can have all the creatures in the jar!

We had so much fun today! Thank you to all parents and staff for making Halloween so special!