Gratitude Tree

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Our JK teachers are proud to present to you, our “Gratitude Tree”. Mr. Edgar and Ms. Leah have the privilege to be enhancing our social/emotional health, by participating in professional training, which teaches educators unique ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into their classroom settings. The intention is to provide our students with a variety of self-regulating “tools”, to manage and understand their feelings and emotions in a healthy and constructive way. Mr. Edgar and Ms. Leah were inspired to create a school presentation that would ideally provide an opportunity for students to pause and reflect on what they may be grateful for. We felt that this colourful display would ignite the students’ interest and encourage them to contribute to our beautiful tree! The children were asked to select a colorful leaf, and then to share their gratitude on the leaf. These leaves will be collected throughout the school, and we are very excited to watch our tree flourish!