Genius Hour

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Ms. Malone’s grade three class is excited to be exploring the learning process of Genius Hour, a practice first started by the company Google, where students are developing their creative and critical thinking skills through learner-led individual projects. Each week, students have used their inquiry blocks to generate an actionable question by reflecting on personal interests and curiosities. Students’ joy for learning and sense of wonder are evident as they research their chosen topic, becoming analytical thinkers who can ask questions and solve problems. Their projects are inspired by their own interests and creativity. Topics range from inquiries into animal adaptations and care, the benefits of art and skateboarding, and the use of Minecraft Education as a virtual platform to share exhibits on historical and other knowledge-based topics. This week, students are taking their first step toward implementing their plans, eagerly awaiting the day when they will share their knowledge with others. Students have been reflecting on the process each week through Seesaw posts and will be inviting their families and peers to view their final products at the conclusion of their Genius Hour exploration. Ms. Malone and Ms. Bolt have been working collaboratively to ensure that this experience benefits grade threes students’ development as confident leaders in their personal learning journeys.