Earth Week on April 16-20​

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Earth Week on April 16-20


We have activities scheduled for Friday, April 20th, as well as some activities throughout the week of April 16th-20th.

Week-long activities:

  • Earth Day pledges in the Commons: Students will have the opportunity to write an Earth Day pledge and post it for the week. Encourage your child/ren to post a pledge before or after school.
  • No waste lunch challenge: Every day the lunchtime helpers will weigh the food waste container and the totals will be calculated and posted. The class with the least amount of total food waste will receive a prize! (To be announced)
  • Recycled door decorating: Students are encouraged to bring in recycled materials and decorate their classroom door for Earth Day. *Students can only bring in recyclable items (ie. boxes, plastic bottles, egg carton, newspaper). This is an activity for fun; the winner will get a certificate.

Earth Day (Friday, April 20th)

  • Assembly: 8:45 in the gym, led by Grade 2s and Grade 6/7s. Families are welcome to attend.
  • Earth hour: Classes are encouraged to spend one hour with their lights off at some point during the day.
  • Adventure Play outside: Earth Day Canada encourages schools to spend time outside as part of Earth Day celebrations. Outdoor play is an important way in which children connect with the environment and their community. It also fosters creativity and independence. We will provide a variety of natural and recycled materials, commonly referred to as “loose parts”, and our field will be transformed into an adventure playground! Each class will spend a block outside.