Collaboration, Inspection, Provocation and Growth Mindset

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Author: Una Miljevic

Grade 6 students of Pythagoras Academy have been exploring a growth mindset and the theme: inspiration.

Throughout this exploration, students researched and created engaging presentations on people who inspire them. They investigated poignant people who have inspired movements in the world.  Specifically, students analyzed and explored the story of Salva Dut who is an inspiration and vision behind the humanitarian not-for-profit organization, which drills wells to provide safe, fresh water to remote villages of his native land, South Sudan, one of the world’s poorest regions. 

During an exploration of picture provocations, students like Andy Chen commented on how dirty and unsafe the water looked while students like Gavin Yang wondered why more “wealthier” countries can not support more.

They shared their insights on sticky notes and placed them on photos of people in South Sudan. Throughout the inquiry, students discussed and explored the importance of being more active as the young youth of our country and as a result, collaborated on writing letters to the Prime Minister of Canada advocating for clean and accessible water for all.