Languages and Global Connections

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At Pythagoras Academy, we recognize the importance of learning multiple languages and facilitating global connections in preparing our students for a diverse and interconnected world. 

Through our language programs, which encompasses various languages in addition to English, including the teaching of French and Mandarin, students learn through valuable linguistic and cultural experiences. Students not only gain language proficiency but also develop an appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions. By learning to communicate with others in different languages, students develop empathy, tolerance, and respect for cultural differences. They become more open-minded and adaptable, with a broader worldview that extends beyond their immediate surroundings.

Moreover, we prioritize relationship building within our school community and beyond. Our students engage in collaborative projects, cultural exchanges, and virtual connections with students from around the world. Through these experiences, they develop a sense of shared humanity, learn to appreciate different perspectives, and build lifelong friendships.

For instance, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we connected with students from Mumbai, India who, as we returned to in-school learning, were still isolated and learning from home. Our teachers and their global partnering teachers managed to meet despite differing time zones, creating a mutually beneficial program with the software platform Flip. This program focused on relationship building and empathy, while learning French for students across Kindergarten, grade 2 and grade 4. 

In addition, students who were interested in sharing their learning with a broader audience connected with different classes from Pennsylvania, United States of America and South Carolina, United States of America. These students explored blogs through Seesaw and vlogs, where they shared literacy projects while sharpening their digital citizenship skills. 

Another example is when our First Lego League Challenge students in Grades 4-6 reached out to experts in Kyiv, Ukraine when designing their innovative project “Fun Packaging.” They connected with Valentyn Frechka -CEO of the Re-Leaf Paper company over zoom. During this conversation, Mr. Frechka was very impressed with our students’ initiative to reuse old cardboard and also gave our students great tips on how to approach different companies to invest in projects. 

Most recently, our grade 6 class paired with ESL classes in Oita City, Japan, where they participated in a mini-cultural exchange. Students eagerly shared what it meant to be a Canadian student, including some highlights of Canadian culture, customs and traditions. They also mailed souvenirs and hand made crafts to their new friends! 

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