Congratulations to the two Lego teams of Pythagoras Academy on their achievements during the First Lego League Contest in BC

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Two Pythagoras Academy teams, the Pythagoras Pythons and the Super Lego Builder Junior team, participated in the top global Lego competition: FLL (First Lego League) Canada BC finals on February 15, 2020. We are excited to announce that the Super Lego Builder Junior team won The 2nd Place Champion’s Award (provincial runner-up) and the Pythagoras Python team won The Programming Award, and was the only BC team nominated to submit their Innovative Project to the First Lego League Global Innovation Award presented at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA. Our Pythagoras Academy teams achieved these incredible results while competing against 70 other teams from BC.

Nominated and submitted teams will be notified in April 2020 if they have advanced to be one of the 20 semi-finalist teams from the participants of more than 40 countries. The advanced teams will have a chance to travel to Orlando, Florida, USA for the Award Ceremony at Walt Disney World in June 2020. The winning team of this First Lego League Global Innovation Award will receive a $20,000 project fund to continue experimenting with the project solutions. We are very proud of both teams representing our school so well during Pythagoras Academy’s first-year of participation.

First row from left to right: Curtis Liu sixth grade, Jason Zhou sixth grade, Mark Zhang sixth grade, Simba Yang fifth grade, Tristan Lin sixth grade, Jaycee Wang sixth grade, Brandon sixth grade
The second row from left to right: Lucas Liu sixth grade, Winston Lee sixth grade, Ms. Vihovska Yanina IT teacher, Simone Lin sixth grade

Through well-designed school curriculum, the use of a professional coaching team from RoboPlanet and the planning of a meaningful and competitive project, our Pythagoras Academy students overcame the obstacles they faced along the way to achieve this great outcome. This was a triumph of an event, and shows their tremendous growth this year.

One of the core values of the FLL World Championship is that we use creativity and perseverance to solve problems. This core value aligns with Pythagoras Academy’s educational philosophy. In the fast-changing technology era and the golden years of diversion, diligence and hard work are two main success factors.

Since its establishment, Pythagoras Academy has always adhered to the concept of interdisciplinary education, allowing students to integrate and interact with Eastern and Western cultures. With the consistent changing environment and competition, students need to always understand that hard work is necessary for achieving greatness.

Although it has been less than two years since the Lego Robotics course was introduced to Pythagoras Academy students, they are already benefiting from team collaboration and project-based learning. We believe teamwork is the cornerstone of our future society.

We are so proud of our students and hope we will see our Pythagoras Academy students at the First Lego League Global Innovation Award Ceremony, in the United States where you can proudly wave the Canadian flag and create a lifetime of unforgettable memories.