Van Gogh Sunflowers in JK

Student discussed lines in Van Gogh’s paintings. Students used yarn to represent the center of the flower and a variety of paper to create the petals. They used Tempera and different tones of yellow to colour their flower.

JK Van Gogh

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 

Students embarked on their first field trip of the Kindergarten school year. At the pumpkin patch, children enjoyed taking a hay ride, playing in the hay stacks, and walking through the pumpkin patch. To conclude our adventure, each child selected their very own pumpkin to take home. Students spent time identifying the different parts of a pumpkin, such as the seeds and vine! 

KB pumpkin

Kindergarten students also participated in a pumpkin investigation with the classroom pumpkins. Students learned about measurement (height and circumference), pumpkin colours, and how pumpkins can be useful to us!


Exploring Fall in Music

In October, JK students have been exploring fall through sound and music. Using rhythm sticks , students tapped the rhythm of the rhyme Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater. Although, they are all still wondering why Peter put his wife in a pumpkin shell?

JK Music Oct

Students learned and sang two new songs about Fall: “Falling Leaves” and “Fall”. To keep the steady beat during the songs, students played: drums, bass and alto xylophones. They have talked about the colours of leaves and the seasonal harvest. Ms. Dragana made a pumpkin patch in the music classroom! Students even picked up pumpkins while singing their Pumpkin Patch Song. 


Learning the importance of clean teeth in JK

Junior Kindergarten students in Galileo have been learning how to keep their body healthy. To see the affect sugar has on their teeth students put pretend teeth in pop to see what might happen to their own teeth. They then used a toothbrush to clean their pretend tooth to make it white again. We emphasized the importance of brushing our own teeth in order to keep our teeth clean and our bodies healthy.

Jk Teeth Brushing

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Students in Da Vinci Class have been learning how pumpkins grow. Students had the opportunity to cut open a pumpkin, and explore the inside. Students then roasted the pumpkin seeds, and ate them.

 Jk Pumpkins

Soapstone Carving

On Thursday, October 20, 2016 the students in Grades 3-7 learned and participated in soapstone carving. Oliver Harwood, a soapstone artist, showed the students how to use different tools and water to shape and smooth the soapstone into one of the following Canadian animals: an orca, a wolf, a seal or a bear. All of the students were focussed for 90 minutes and crafted some excellent pieces.

soap stone gr 67

Grade sixes and sevens working with Oliver Harwood. 

The purpose of the soapstone carving was to connect to the big idea in Social Studies “people from diverse cultures and societies share some common experiences and aspects of life”. Students have explored aspects of their own culture. During the soapstone carving session students had an opportunity to see how art is expressed in many First Nations groups and that local animals are often included in this type of art.

Soap Stone grade 3

Grade threes working carefully to design their soapstone  animals.

Water Cycle Painting

The grade 2 students have been exploring the water cycle in their science classes. In their visual journals, each student drew and painted their own water cycle to explain their understanding. Students used water colours and included fact boxes that fold out and explain each scientific word. 

Gr 2- Water cycle


Pumpkin Exploration

After the field trip to the pumpkin patch, kindergarten students measured the height of the pumpkins that they picked.  Students stacked cubes to find out how many cubes it took to reach the top of their pumpkin.  Then they recorded their findings and drew a picture of their pumpkin.



Me in a Bag

The grade 1 students prepared their “Me in a Bag” and bravely presented to their classes. Each student put items into their bag that they felt best represented them and explained each item and how it represented him or her. Students also decorated the bag in Visual Arts so that even the bag accurately represented them. Great job Grade 1! 

Gr 1 Me in a Bag

Grade 2

Grade twos have been focusing on how drama and dance are interconnected through ‘Matilda Characterization’.  Here are some photographs (stills) from their ‘Revolting Children’ performance. The students were able to create and explore artistic works collaboratively whilst gaining confidence in their ability to combine the three art forms (dancing, singing and acting). 



Grade One

Here are some photographs from the grade one’s performance of ‘He Lives in You’ from ‘The Lion King’. The students have been learning about ‘Cultures in Musical Theatre’ and more specifically, how people connect to others and share ideas through the arts. They have learnt aboriginal choreography and songs with lyrics about Indigenous/Native cultures. 




Designing Waterproof Hats

Students in 1C are talking about properties of different materials. Below are some photos of students making waterproof hats for the classroom teddy, Leo. They choose materials to construct their hats according to their waterproof properties.


Grade Two

Students played Torpedo Dodgeball to improve on throwing and catching in a variety of ways. Students were learning how to move, throw, catch and communicate while having lots of fun!


Grade Four and Five

Mr. Hinson is teaching rugby to the grade four and five class outside on our school field on a beautiful sunny day. Students are learning how to pass the rugby ball and become familiar with some basic rules of the game.


Literacy Centers 

Kindergarten students participated in literacy stations.  At these stations, students practiced building the letter “a” in various ways.  Students had a lot of fun using Play-dough, unifix cubes, stamps and white boards to practice their letter formation.


Mask Making

Kindergarten students created their own masks to act out an animal math story.  As a class, we told a counting story and students had to act out the story that we created.  Students especially liked grouping their animals together and counting how many students were in each group.


Reading Buddies

Kindergarten students had fun meeting with their Grade 3 reading buddy class.  Students each showed each other their “All About Me” books that they created in September.  We are looking forward to meeting with our buddy class each week,


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