Terry Fox Run

Students, teachers and parents at Pythagoras Academy run on September 23 to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation. As a school we raised over $7000 to put towards cancer research. Many children participated in Terry Fox activities throughout the week. Students spent Friday morning watching a short video about Terry Fox’s life, completed a warm up with Mr. Hinson in the gym and ran around the field (multiple times). Since students and families raised more than our goal of $3500 students had the opportunity to throw cold wet sponges at Mr. Teran and Mr. Hinson.  




Welcome Back BBQ

Every year students and families gather after the Terry Fox run to enjoy a tasty BBQ lunch prepared by Mr. Austin and volunteer parents. Pythagoras Academy families enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers in the rain! Thank you very much to all the parent volunteers. The BBQ was a huge success because of you! 




Grade Three Learn About Biodiversity

The grade 3 class has started their science inquiry unit about biodiversity. Students are learning how animals interact with each other and their environment. They are researching more information about BC animals and ecosystems. 



Grade Four and Fives Explore Place Value with Number Discs

The Grade 4 and 5 students are using number discs to work with the concept of place value. Number discs are discs with 1, 10, 100, 1000, and 10, 000 written on them.The students use these with a place value chart.




All About Me in Donatello

As part of their “All About Me” unit students learned that everyone has unique fingerprints. In these pictures students are looking at their fingerprints by stamping their finger in ink and pressing it onto a piece of paper. Students then looked at their prints with a magnifying glass and tried to identify if their fingerprint contained a loop, whorl or arch pattern.



In art class students are learning how to create different types of lines and patterns in their  artwork by viewing and discussing a variety of line designs. Children have been experimenting with oil pastels and crayons to create their beautiful drawings.