Month: November 2015

Public Library Trip

     Our grade 4 and 5 students recently took a trip to the Richmond Library. Our students all got a library card and are excited to use them for their upcoming inquiry report!

Science Fun

    Grade 2’s science classes are a lot of fun. In Ms. Smith’s class students investigated the layers of the Earth. The students used marshmallows, cereal, chocolate chips and cookie crumbs to make four layers of earth. In Ms. Adams’s class students were learning about the states of water: solid- ice, liquid- water and gas- water vapour …

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Interest Clubs

   Our after school interest clubs are in full swing. Among our varied and exciting clubs, the students are learning to plant and maintain a healthy garden and in our chess club, the students are practicing their skills and learning strategies for a successful game.

Visual Journals

       Every student is required to produce a Visual Journal for the year as part of the arts integration. These are some examples of their Visual Journals in progress. The students are collecting excerpts of work that they are proud of to reflect what they are learning this term.

Grade 3 Science Presentation

     Our grade 3 students researched major components of the Universe and our Solar System and presented their findings. The origins of a black hole, facts about the Sun and what constitutes Neptune were eye-opening and informative!