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Pythagoras Academy Uniform Requirements

The school’s dress code contributes in a very important way to the overall sense of unity in our school. The dress code enhances the learning atmosphere, adds a sense of pride regarding the school identity, and reduces competition among students.

Pythagoras Academy students are expected to wear their uniform in a manner that portrays a positive self-image, conveys neatness and cleanliness, and demonstrates an attitude of excellence towards achievement.

Cambridge Uniforms Ordering Website: https://www.cambridgeuniforms.com/
School Code: SPY007


Uniform Outline Boys G Pre-K

Uniform Outline Boys G K-2

Uniform Outline Boys G 3-8

Uniform Outline Girls G Pre-K

Uniform Outline Girls G K-2

Uniform Outline Girls G 3-7

Uniform Outline Girls G 8