Senior Education (Grade 8)

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Ever wonder how you can make a real difference in your community? Well, so do Pythagoras Academy students and teachers. Each year, students are asked to research ways they can give back or contribute to their community in meaningful ways. Here, they study their ability to effectively communicate and how to use their skills and abilities in impactful ways that promote an understanding and compassion for one another. Students apply learning from all academic disciplines to the task at hand to ensure that their project is actuated. Students participate and partner with local charities, like hosting a blanket, food or toy drive.


Teachers implement real life scenarios and open ended challenges that students may engage with in everyday life. For example, during Math Challenge, students are led through an inquiry process where they research their wants and needs and compare them to the mathematical probability to guarantee their success or plan for the betterment of their future. By investigating learning opportunities like these, students are prepared for real world scenarios where concepts like money and creative and critical thinking occur. At the end of the challenge, students share their findings with others inside and outside the classroom, increasing their confidence level and academic rigor. 

Cross Curricular

Students explore cross curricular content through learning initiatives, like our PA Broadcasting program. Here, students share new learning, seasonal focuses and messages with their school community, while learning about what it takes to deliver clear and concise messaging and how to utilize high quality filming equipment. Specifically, students incorporate their viewpoints or share special messages, like joke of the day, meanwhile students assist one another by ensuring good lighting, location and sound capturing. Please click here to learn more.