Mission and Philosophy

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Our Mission

We are striving to create, support, and maintain powerful, engaged learning in both the Arts and the Sciences. We use innovative techniques to enhance our student’s life-long passion for learning through varied instructional strategies, and exposure to a variety of Fine Art disciplines.

Motto: PER ASPERA AD ASTRA (Through Effort to the Stars)

Our Philosophy

Pythagoras Academy is founded on the Renaissance Humanist Philosophy of education which has the classically well-rounded development of students as individuals, and as productive members of society, as its highest goal. It takes into account the student’s entire innate potential, and honors the child’s dignity and worth in the process.

Our philosophy highlights the humanist dimensions in education, which means that our foremost goal is to develop the child’s critical thinking, as well as their creative faculties, and to highlight those as tools that are more valuable than any other external aids. We emphasize creative thinking, as well as innovation, excellence, aesthetic appreciation, expressiveness, and joy.

We take inspiration in our educational approach from Pythagoras, a classical Greek philosopher whose brilliant work informed many of the renaissance humanist ideas, and from there, much of our modern thinking. Pythagoras discovered the Golden Ratio, a mathematical principle of a perfect proportion of the whole to its parts.

The mathematical symbol for the Golden Ratio is Φ (phi), and it has fascinated scientists and thinkers since its inception because it postulates that the Golden Ratio is not only consistent in the physical proportions of most living beings, but also determines proportion in architecture, and describes the dynamics of phenomena in astronomy.

Much in the way Pythagoras sought to describe the universal beauty and harmony in the relation of whole to its parts, we at Pythagoras Academy seek to establish a perfect balance in your child’s education. We believe that effective learning requires motivation, effort, and persistence, and we strive to inspire our students to develop all of these facets equally.

Pythagoras Academy provides an extraordinary education for all children. Each child’s unique path to achievement is supported through an academically exciting and challenging program.

A dynamic, diverse community of teaching professionals work collaboratively, innovating and inspiring one other, as well as their students. The teachers get to know their students closely, and recognize and nurture the intellectual, developmental, and cultural uniqueness of each child.

Our school is dedicated to teaching students to be involved, active learners who work hard, think critically as well as creatively, and communicate effectively. Students are encouraged to question and to challenge ideas, and to actively participate in the process of achieving their educational goals.

We emphasize high expectations for all of our students, and support them to reach their full potential in all aspects of achievement: academics, arts, sports, social skills, and community involvement, all of which prepare students for success and personal fulfillment in their lives.