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International students represent a small percentage of our community, but make a huge impact. We help students become global citizens, and expose them to new perspectives, cultures, and friends from abroad, presenting a unique opportunity for international and local students alike. International students are those whose parents are not Canadian citizens, nor permanent residents. Please note that for our school a student’s status will be taken from their parents’ status.

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Start the process by filling out an online inquiry form. Once received, we will contact you to book you for a tour or answer any questions you may have.

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Attend a Tour (Optional for International Students)

You will learn about our approach to education and get a good idea about what becoming a part of the Pythagoras Academy community would look like. We will also take the time to answer any questions you have.

Fill out our Application and Submit

This is where you fill out our application form. Please click the link below to download the application form. Please fill out the application form and prepare the required documents. You can email the scanned versions of the application form with the required documents to [email protected], or drop by the admissions office in person. We accept payment for the application fee by Snap pay (WeChat, and Ali pay), cash, check, wire transfer and bank draft. Please call 604-370-0199 to get more information regarding our payment options.

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All applicants will be booked in for an assessment. Our admissions office will contact you and let you know which session you will be booked in for.

Decision Made

Once your child completes the assessment, we will inform you once a decision has been made. Please check your email regularly to make sure that you do not miss any important communications. If your child’s evaluation is positive, we will also inform you of the deadline to pay for the deposit and the tuition fee.

Pay the Tuition

International students have to pay the tuition in full for the entire school year. You can pay by Snap pay (WeChat, and Ali pay), wire transfer, or bank draft.

Apply for Study Permit

Once we receive your tuition payment, we will provide you with supporting documents for you to apply for a study permit.

Eligible Local Student:

whose parent or guardian:
  1.  is a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident who is ordinarily resident in British Columbia
  2. Is lawfully admitted to Canada and ordinarily resident in British Columbia Holder of a valid student permit (Valid more than one year) Holder of a valid work permit (Valid more than one year)
  3. Carrying out official duties under the authority of the Visiting Forces Act or offical representative in Canada of a foreign government with a consular post in British Columbia

For more information about eligibal local students, please check the government website