2019 Two Week Summer Camps

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JULY 8 to JULY 19

Robotis Summer Camp (G2 and G3)

Exploration using LEGO Robotics

TIME: 12:45 – 3:30 PM
Age: Current G2 and G3

Tuition: $600
During this Lego robotics summer camp students will be using Lego WeDo 2.0 to complete robotics projects that relate to science, engineering and math. Each scientific topic completed will be done in three phases: explore the scientific question or problem and discuss possible solutions; crate, build and program a Lego model solution; and share the Lego model created by documenting and presenting their solution and Lego model design. During each topic, students will complete a science booklet where they will read information about the science topic, write their answers to the scientific questions being asked, and record how they designed and modified their Lego model in order to develop a solution to the question or problem being explored. At the end of each topic, students will share their Lego robotic model and present their solution. 


JULY 8 to JULY 19

Robotcis Summer Camp (Gk and G1)

Exploration using LEGO Robotics

TIME: 9:00 – 11:45 AM
Age: Current GK and G1

Tuition: $600
During this Lego robotics summer camp students will be using Lego WeDo 2.0 to complete robotics projects that relate to science, engineering and math. The camp will begin with students learning about how robotics parts work in real life, and how to use Lego WeDo 2.0 kit to explore robotics. Each day students will be introduced to a new robot model, explore what the model can do and then they will build the model by following the step by step instructions. To add their own personal touch, students will be able to add their own design ideas to their model and share their final project during the robot challenge activity and by presenting. 


JULY 8 to JULY 19

Surprising Summer Camp! + 

Wild & Wonderful Animals

Surprising Summer Camp! + Wild & Wonderful Animals 

TIME: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM Monday to Friday 

Tuition: $1100 (includes meals, program materials, and 1 field trip)
“Do you love to surprise your friends by giving them beautiful small gifts? Have you ever thought of bringing nature to your arts and crafts? Have you ever seen art in science? Do you want to know how to use art to explain edible science? If you find any of these questions interesting and would like to know more, join our Surprising Summer Camp to be a WONDER kid! Explore 10 different diverse art and craft ideas to surprise others. Experiment art in exciting edible science! We will use kitchen chemistry and artistic presentation to experience our edible science at the end of each art and craft project. If you are a curious kid and want to know the magic to mesmerize all in a wink, this camp is for you!

The world is a wild and wonderful place, filled with millions of unique animal species most of us have never even heard of.Have you heard of the Duck-billed Platypus, the Praying Mantis, the Dugong, the Leaf Tailed Gecko, a flightless Cormorant, Flying Snakes and more. What do they eat? Where do they live? How big or small are they? What sound do they make? Come join us on an epic adventure as we learn more about weird and wonderful animal species from around the world!”


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JULY 22 to AUGUST 02

Trip Around The World!+

Art With A French Twist!

Trip Around The World! + Art With A French Twist!

TIME: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM  Monday to Friday

Tuition: $1100 (includes meals, program materials, and 1 field trip)
“Do you want to go on a trip around the world in 2 weeks?
Come explore and learn about the unique culture and astonishing arts in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica! At the end of the summer camp, you will have traveled all 7 continents by making your own crafts. Get to know the Huichol Indians of Mexico and learn their famous yarn paintings. Travel to New Zealand and be familiar with the Maori Koru designs. We will also fly to Saudi Arabia to see the beautiful Bedouin weavings. Be in awe when we see the colourful accessories, necklaces and beads in Africa and also their wild animals! The list of countries to visit goes on! Make sure to take your passport with you as we will be boarding soon!

In this camp, you will learn French language and art. ABSTRACT meets REALISM in a new, fun, creative and exploratory way.Let’s mix art and French and have a great time letting our two creative sides flourish. We will learn and explore different types of techniques to create artwork and embellishments. You will also be taught the fundamentals of using acrylic and synthetic colors, collage and clay art. Coupled with French language learning in a fun and enjoyable environment. NO pre-requisite required, this class is great for any skill level, hurry before it is filled.” 


Mad Science and Technology Lab + Drama Camp!

Mad Science and Technology Lab + Drama Camp!

TIME: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM  Monday to Friday

Tuition: $1100 (includes meals, program materials, and 1 field trip)

“Explore, create and connect! During the first week of this stimulating STEM camp you will become scientists and mathematicians as you jump into a world of all things magic ! Get your wand out and prepare to make objects levitate, wonder and learn through potion making, watch things disappear, and of course learn the science behind it all! You will have your families and friends fooled as you show them your mad Science skills! During week two you will become engineers and experts in technology as you activate your very own rocket, learn how to survive on a desert island, and become experts at coding. If you like to design, build and test your own creative ideas then this is the camp for you!

Drama fun! This two week camp is a great opportunity for students to develop new skills that will help them throughout their lives: cooperation, concentration, memory, physical, self-confidence, and public speaking. We’ll explore the use of puppets, mask work, storytelling, fairy tales, and reader’s theatre. If you want to explore your creativity and expression, this camp is for you!”


*Please note that students enrolled in the 2-Week Camps will not perform in the Summer School musicals


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