Cultural Potluck in Grade One

The grade one students have been studying diversity in social studies. To wrap the unit up, everyone brought in something to share from their own culture. Students and families gathered for an incredible feast! 

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Author Visit 

Students from JK to grade 2 were treated to a special visit from Dana Salim, the author of the children’s book Dream Time with Mommy. Ms. Salim treated the students to an interactive reading of her story as well as some related games and activities. Afterwards, the grade 1s and 2s had the opportunity to learn about what it is like to be an author, the process of writing a book, and ask any other questions they had about writing. 

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Job Fair

The grade two students participated in a job fair, displaying the jobs they want when they grow up It was a part of their social studies learning on responsibilities in our community. Each student researched and displayed their understanding using iPads, creating non-fiction books on the app Book Creator. 



Congratulations Oak

Oak won the ice-cream party this term. Every term students earn house points by doing good deeds throughout the day or winning competitions during PE class. To celebrate, all students in the winning house gather to enjoy some well-deserved ice-cream! 


Watch Pythagoras Academy’s 2017 production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.


Exploring Math Stations in Kindergarten 

Students in Kindergarten have been exploring various math concepts, such as adding, subtracting, counting, comparing, though working at various hands-on math stations.  Each station features different materials, such as math counters, dominoes, white boards and puzzles for students to work with.  This time allows students to communicate her learning with each other and provides them with the opportunity to explore math concepts in an open-ended way.  Students especially enjoyed creating subtraction math story using a “cave” to hide their “bear” counters. 



Let’s Pretend

The Junior Kindergarten students have been learning about stories in their ‘Let’s pretend!’ unit. Their primary focus has been fairy tales and they have been learning songs about Kings and Queens, the three little pigs and ‘Frozen’. Here they are performing the ‘King is in the castle’ and ‘Huff Puff’. 


Talent Show

On March 2, many students at Pythagoras Academy performed at the annual Talent Show! There was dancing, singing, acting and much more! The audience was blown away by the talent these students showed! Watch out world, Pythagoras students are going to do great things in life!




BCSPCA Bake Sale

The grade 6 and 7 class has been working hard to develop action plans in Career Education.  Each group has chosen an organization in their community to support and they have planned an event to support them.  This group chose the BCSPCA and raised money by selling cookies and cupcakes.  They raised $75.00 and will be dropping off their money this week!



Ski Trip to Mount Seymour

The grades 4 -7 children went to Mount Seymour for a physical education field trip on Tuesday, February 28. Students took part in a ski lesson in the morning, then practiced their skills in a free ski session in the afternoon. The children demonstrated great mountain etiquette and had a lot of fun!



Les phrases folles

This week in French, grade 2 students practiced coming up with “les phrases folles” (crazy sentences). The class was given a list of nouns, verbs, and connecting words and we practiced making sentences as a full group. The next class, students had a chance to write their own “phrase folle” on the mini whiteboards. This activity is a great way for students to connect different parts of speech and gives them the opportunity to “play” with the language.