Month: March 2014

Fairy Tales

  The Grade 1s and 2s explored many Fairy Tales this week. Here they worked together to recount and illustrate the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They used drama to retell the story and took turns walking down the illustrious path through the story!

Mixing Colors

The Galileo class explored secondary colors, which requires the mixing of two primary colors! The children were delighted by the experience of watching red and yellow magically transform to orange in their hands after rubbing together.

Cat in the Hat

The Kindergarten, Grade 1s and 2s had a marvelous time exploring the “Cat in the Hat” and other Dr. Seuss stories. This time honored literary work by Dr. Seuss is well known for its exceptional morals alongside its amusing approach to developing literacy skills.

Astronauts in Space

                      The kindergartens discussed what astronauts need in space and worked together in small groups to create posters and share them with the class. There was a lot of really good team work!

Little Paleontologists

    The students have learned about becoming paleontologists this past week in the Junior Kindergarten classes.  They discovered what it is like to dig for dinosaur bone fossils and how we can find out about dinosaurs from their skeletons and fossils.  We tried digging for bones ourselves and making different dinosaur skeletons.

Snow Day

  This past week’s snowy days had our children outdoors and enjoying the varied winter activities. From building snow forts and snowmen to enjoying sporting activities, the children were happy to be outdoors! They practiced their overarm throwing technique in the sports interest club.