On February 11th, the students celebrated 100 Days of School through many math and language arts activities. One of those activities included an Aging Application that gave them an amusing look at themselves at 100 years of age! The children had a wonderful time conceptualizing time and quantity!

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The Galileo class in Junior Kindergarten enjoyed a festive celebration of their hard work that filled the Crystal Jar. To earn the crystals, the students worked toward listening, following instructions, being well-mannered, kind and helpful. Mrs. Adams and Miss Foster are very proud of their model behavior.

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Valentine’s Day culminated in a lovely celebration of sharing and caring. Thank you to all for supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation in which we raised over $200.00 by wearing a sea of pink and red.

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Palladio, the youngest group in school joined the Kindergarten class to make bird feeders shaped in the form of hearts.

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Parents were invited by their children to the classrooms to show off their portfolios of work. The families enjoyed hot dogs, mingling with teachers and other families before the Family Day long weekend.

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The kindergartens have been taking part in world explorer role play activities. As well as exploring the sounds of the English language to guide their writing skills.

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The elementary students enjoyed a trip to the Planetarium where they were able to explore the wonders of space. This perspective not only extended their view of the Blue Planet, which the students have been studying, but also launches them into our upcoming Astronomy studies.

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Our students, families, and teachers enjoyed potluck party to celebrate the Chinese New Year on the first day of the Year of Horse.