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As part of their learning about dances around the world, the Palladio group in Junior Kindergarten viewed some Hawaiian dances. Then they performed the hula, a traditional dance from Hawaii that uses many hand gestures.


The students are learning about traditional Chinese dance this week in celebration of Chinese New Year.


As part of the topic on big cats, the Galileo class read “The Tiger Who Came to Tea.” Then an almost actual tiger came to tea! The children did lots of imaginative play and re-enacted parts of the story with their own story twists. It was grrrrreat!

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The elementary students have discovered that although the book they are reading together is literally titled, “Too much is too much,” in English it would be said, “Enough is enough!” Each of the students selected a favorite page to illustrate and caption.

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The Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes are learning new vocabulary and songs in French that focus on planetary changes, such as the weather and the seasons.

In this activity, the Kindergarteners cut the images, then glued them in sequence, and practiced writing the Four Seasons en Français : le printemps, l’été, l’automne, and l’hiver.


While the Grade 1’s coloured and added new vocabulary in their French books.


The grade 2’s have been exploring the water cycle in science.  The students used foam and food coloring to see how precipitation is created from clouds of condensation.

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Learning about Canadian animals, the students in the knitting club made sheep from yarn and varied materials.

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In science, the Kindergarten class has been exploring the planet’s land and water masses. Each group received a box with various artifacts to create imaginative land and water scenes.  Students enthusiastically collaborated to make volcanoes, campfires and cabins, seas and submarines, and other land and waterscapes.


The Kindergarten class usually begins with the Question of the Day. This activity allows children to think about their own interests and preferences.

By using a common “T-Chart,” the children begin to notice simple ways of gathering scientific and statistical data.

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Our Art Exhibition Opening Week, beginning January 13th, has made a wonderful impression on parents and visitors. The children have created real works of art that will make beautiful gifts to family and friends one day. An enormous thank you to Ms. Isherwood and Ms Dussaux for their exceptional instruction in the visual arts.