Elementary Program

Our kindergarten to grade 7 students are immersed in an enriched curriculum. Our teachers are specifically trained to structure student learning in a way that inspires students to wonder, inquire, innovate, and pursue learning questions that really matter to them. Rigorous lessons in each subject insure that students have the technical knowledge they need to succeed as actively engaged and lifelong learners. Alongside subject-focused teaching, our teachers support students to expand their thinking by investigating the connections between subjects.

As learning units progress, students are required to apply what they know to projects, presentations, and real world challenges. Teacher’s promote student centered learning by asking themselves, “What are the essential understandings and higher-level thinking skills that need to remain front and center throughout our inquiries?”

We view the Arts as key to developing student creativity and problem solving skills. Our students actively participate in music, musical theatre, and fine arts experiences. Rich discussions take place about the purposes and roles in which the arts influence our world. Students gain an understanding and appreciation for the power of their creativity. Many of the concepts that students learn in the Arts are woven into their language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies curricula.

Beginning in kindergarten, our students are actively involved in learning French. As students move on to grade one, many participate in our daily after-school Mandarin program. We also have a world-class Information Technology program that helps students learn about computer coding.

Students at Pythagoras Academy achieve their potential because learning is rigorous, well-organized, creative, and meaningful!

Michael Bouchard

Principal of Junior School