Our teachers are experienced, dedicated, and passionate educators. They are determined to help each student reach their academic potential while building a life-long love of learning. The teachers work together to ensure continuity throughout the curriculum from Junior Kindergarten through Grade Seven.

At Pythagoras Academy the teachers and management staff work in partnership with both parents and students to create a school environment that is comfortable and welcoming for everyone. We strive to create strong relationships and open dialogue with parents, as we believe that they are crucial to a child’s progress and success.

Additionally, teachers provide a solid foundation for enhancing students’ learning through well-developed, inspiring educational programs tailored to each child’s interests, skills, and needs. Teachers work to encourage students to develop friendships and positive attitudes while promoting independence. On a daily basis, teachers look forward to both learning from their students, and to being inspired by them in return.

What you can expect from Pythagoras Academy Teachers:

  • Hard work, discipline, and an extraordinary work ethic
  • Passion for teaching, profound knowledge of one’s teaching subjects, and extensive professional experience
  • Fine Arts instructors that are masters in their own field
  • Nurturing and warm individuals who seek to truly connect with one another and with their students, and who care profoundly not only for their students’ academic success, but also for their overall well-being

Mr. Michael Bouchard


Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Victoria. Michael’s teaching experience ranges from three year olds through to the university level. He has over twenty years of teaching experience in the public and independent school systems. As a principal, he has a decade of experience leading innovative schools in concept-based and arts-infused learning. He believes that all students have great potential for academic, social, and creative learning.

Michael attributes his success to the collaborative partnerships he builds with teachers, parents and students. When learning communities come together to support students, Michael believes, the sky is the limit.


Mrs. Vasti Barry

Vice Principal of Curriculum, Grade Two Teacher

Mrs. Barry believes a teacher is responsible for guiding each student to reach his or her potential in all areas. Her goal is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in all students. She received a Bachelor of Elementary Education from the University of Victoria. Mrs. Barry has taught at Pythagoras Academy since September 2013 in a variety of grade levels. She was born in South Africa and moved to North Vancouver when she was five years old.

When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Barry enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring the beauty of North Vancouver with her friends and family. With her training and previous teaching experience, Mrs. Barry hopes to challenge and encourage the students at Pythagoras Academy.


Mrs. Janis Severloh

Vice Principal of Student Life, Grade Two Teacher

Mrs. Severloh graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Bachelor of Education (Integrated Program, K-8). After graduation, Mrs. Severloh spent three years teaching grade 2 and grade 3 at an international school in South Korea. She loves to travel, cook, and read. Mrs. Severloh is very excited to be teaching grade 2 again and is looking forward to the year ahead!


Mrs. Sabrina Meng

Director of Early Learning

Prior to relocating Mrs. Meng’s family to a new country she was a senior educator and an administrator. She has over twenty years of teaching experience after she graduated from Tianjin University. She is completing a Bachelor of Education at Capilano University, and is going to get a Masters of Education at UBC. Her journey as an Early Childhood Educator began when she started a position with the Vancouver School Board; her experiences brought her joy which motivated her to complete the International Montessori Teaching Diploma, Early Childhood Education Certificate, Special Needs Certificate and Infant and Toddler Certificate. She has been teaching at Pythagoras Academy for four years and she enjoys spending time with children and watching them grow.


Mrs. Michelle Dall

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Dall has dedicated her teaching career to inspiring in young learners a joy and passion for learning. During her more than 20 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Dall has taught children from Kindergarten to Grade 7 in both public and independent schools in the lower mainland. Having recently returned from teaching young adults in Germany, and exploring Europe, she is excited to be sharing her love of teaching with the students at Pythagoras Academy.

When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Dall enjoys spending time with her family and walking her three dogs by the Fraser River. She also loves to paint with acrylics, garden, draw and quilt. She teaches and plays the piano, volunteers with youth ballet, and also sings in a choir.  


Mrs. Tamara Valentino

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Valentino is originally from Lima, Peru and completed a Bachelor of primary education. She taught Kindergarten and Primary level in Peru, for nine years before moving to Vancouver with her family. She is excited for the new opportunity to teach at Pythagoras Academy. 

When she’s not teaching Mrs. Valentino enjoys spending time with her family, making handcrafts, baking and playing tennis. 


Ms. Polly Tang

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Tang completed both her Bachelor of Arts degree and her Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. After completing her studies, she ventured off to explore and teach in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. It was a wonderful experience, as she was able to teach children of all ages and she is enthusiastic about learning new cultures and new languages.

Ms. Tang has recently moved back to Canada and is excited to be part of the teaching team at Pythagoras Academy!


Mrs. Christina Nowicki

Grade One Teacher

Mrs. Nowicki completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Victoria, specializing in Elementary and Art Education. Mrs. Nowicki has always had a passion to teach, coaching gymnastics with certification from the National Coaching Certification Program, leading and coordinating summer camps for youth at risk, tutoring adult and child English language learners, as well as volunteering as a “Big Sister” for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Originally from the Cowichan Valley, Mrs. Nowicki moved to Vancouver in 2014 and began teaching at Pythagoras Academy in January 2015. Mrs. Nowicki strives to build strong relationships with her students and foster a safe, inclusive learning environment.

Emma Sch

Ms. Emma Schubert

Grade One Teacher

Ms. Schubert was born in Oakville Ontario, where she grew up as one of six siblings in a very busy and fun-filled household. She attended Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario where she graduated with a Bachelor of Education as well as a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on World Religion and History. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, kayaking and water skiing! She believes that it is so important to foster a young student’s curiosity and sense of discovery. This will encourage an insatiable thirst for discovering answers to an increasing number of developing interests throughout their school career.


Ms. Julia Malone

Grade Three Teacher

Ms. Malone is originally from Ontario and graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts (English major) and a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior). During her time in university, she tutored children in math and language arts. She moved to British Columbia in September 2017 and joined Pythagoras Academy as a TOC. Ms. Malone is passionate about performing and language arts. She is excited to teach a cross-curricular education that encourages students to explore their learning in a creative setting. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, traveling and exploring beautiful British Columbia.

Una (1)

Ms. Una Miljevic

Grade Three Teacher

Ms. Miljevic attended Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. As a young girl, she always dreamt of becoming a teacher and through her teaching hopes to inspire, discover and create alongside her students. Ms. Miljevic strives to help her students become critical and creative thinkers, have a resilient and courageous mindset, and to instill curiosity and wonder in her classroom. In her free time, Ms. Miljevic enjoys attending yoga and fitness classes and going for walks along the White Rock pier.

lois (2)

Mrs. Lois Powell

Teacher Librarian, Literacy Coordinator, Grade Four Teacher

Mrs. Powell brings over 25 years of classroom experience, leadership and the love of children and teaching. Originally from Winnipeg, she has lived and taught in international schools in Cyprus, China and Malaysia, and has also taught in independent schools in BC throughout her teaching career. Mrs. Powell is now a homeroom teacher and team leader at Pythagoras Academy.

With an extensive background in literacy, she also works within the school library and coaches the staff on assessment and instructional strategies. Mrs. Powell models effective leadership and provides challenging and engaging learning opportunities for her students.

Natalie (1)

Ms. Natalie Palombo

Grade Five Teacher

Ms. Palombo is a warm and welcoming individual. She is of Italian descent and originally from Ontario where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Media and Film in 2012. In 2013, she earned another degree in Education from the University of Windsor. Ms. Palombo has experience working with children since she herself was a child, working in various settings such as camps, day cares, religious institutions, and schools. She is the kind of teacher who looks for the potential in each child and seeks to grow their abilities, knowledge and talents.


Ms. Orla O'Boyle

Grade Five Homeroom Teacher, Math Specialist

Ms. O’Boyle is originally from Ireland and has just recently moved to Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and Science at St. Mary’s University College, Belfast, before spending 2 years teaching Mathematics and Physics in Northern Ireland. Since moving to Canada she has been a TOC in Pythagoras Academy, acted as Educational Assistant, and tutorted Mathematics at a learning centre. She decided to move to Vancouver as she enjoys the outdoors.

When she is not teaching she enjoys travelling, hiking and baking. She is very excited to be teaching Grade 5 at Pythagoras Academy and hopes to inspire her students through active learning and real life experiences.

nicole (1)

Ms. Nicole Gascon

Grade Six and Seven Homeroom Teacher, Humanities Specialist

Ms. Gascon has joined our school as our Grade 6 and 7 homeroom teacher. She studied at both Wilfrid Laurier University and Nipissing University to complete her Undergraduate Degree and Bachelor of Education concurrently. She spent her first year teaching Year 4 and 5 in the United Kingdom in both Thurrock and Romford. After the United Kingdom, Ms. Gascon moved on to teach Grades 7 and 8 in Dawson Creek.  She brings an interdisciplinary span of teaching experience and is looking forward to continuing to encourage students to develop a love of reading and learning this coming year.

angela Pynn

Ms. Angela Pynn

Grade Four Math and Science, Grade Six and Seven Science, IT Teacher Kindergarten - Grade Seven

Originally from Newfoundland, Ms. Pynn graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts with focus areas in History and Mathematics. Immediately upon graduation, she enrolled in Memorial University’s Bachelor of Education program where she specialized in Mathematics and Social Studies.

Once her education was completed, Ms. Pynn moved to Calgary, Alberta and spent the year as a private tutor before settling in Coquitlam, BC. She is excited for the new opportunity to share her knowledge and get to know the students while teaching in at Pythagoras Academy.


Mrs. Leanne Ho

Elementary Teacher

Originally from Australia, Mrs. Ho graduated from Avondale College of Higher Education in Lake Macquarie, NSW, with a bachelor of Primary Education in 2012. She taught Pre-Primary and Kindergarten in Perth, for three years and was a TOC in Perth for 6 months before travelling across Australia and moving to Canada with her Canadian husband. She enjoys creating hands-on learning experiences for students where they can explore and learn through their experiences. She enjoys the outdoors, camping, hiking, waterskiing, snowboarding and fishing. 


Ms. Kelly Hackett

Physical Education Specialist

Ms. Hackett graduated with a B.Ed in physical education and mathematics from University College Cork, Ireland in 2014. She has spent the last three years teaching in her home country of Ireland. She was head of the physical education department, a member of the curriculum review committee and numeracy link teacher in her previous school. Ms. Hackett promotes discovery and challenging learning amongst her students who she keeps engaged and active throughout her P.E. classes. She creates a safe learning environment for every type of learner where they can create a life-long positive attitude towards physical activity.


Ms. Emma Swords

Musical Theatre Specialist

Originally from the UK, Ms. Swords  gained her Bachelors Degree in Music at the University of Liverpool in the UK, before obtaining her PGCE and qualifying as a Secondary Music teacher in 2011. She also has her Masters in Education. She is the founder of ‘Swords Stage School’ and an experienced director of seven whole school musical theatre productions including ‘Oliver’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘West Side Story’.

With her passion for teaching and skills gained at various international teaching opportunities, Miss Swords hopes to promote performance opportunities and confidence building here at Pythagoras Academy, whilst ensuring each student has fun as they learn.


Ms. Jen Proverbs

Elementary Teacher

Originally from Australia, Mrs. Proverbs completed her Bachelor of Primary Education in Melbourne, Australia. After teaching at a Primary Years International Baccalaureate school in Melbourne, she took her knowledge to England where she spent two years teaching in London and Brighton. She has traveled through many countries and enjoys learning about each country’s customs and culture.

Mrs. Proverbs is passionate about creating authentic, engaging and hands-on tasks for students to develop their inquiring mind and foster skills for life-long learning.


Mrs. Meghan Wells

Elementary Teacher

While completing her Undergraduate Degree in Geography and Sociology at UBC, Mrs. Wells worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, and discovered her passion for teaching. She returned to UBC in 2009 to complete her Bachelor of Education. She spent her first two years of teaching in the incredible city of London. Mrs. Wells returned to Vancouver to teach in an Independent School in August of 2012, and joined Pythagoras Academy in September of 2013. 

She brings a wide range of experience teaching various subjects and grade levels, and is looking forward to continuing to encourage students to develop a love of learning at Pythagoras Academy.  


Ms. Dipa Mondal

Elementary Teacher

Ms. Mondal completed her Masters degree in Teaching English as an Additional Language from Simon Fraser University, BC. She believes that all children are unique and have something special to bring to their own education. She likes to assist children in finding their potential which could help them engage their creative thought. She has five years of teaching experience in different levels in Bangladesh. In addition to this, she also worked as a Core Skill Teachers’ Trainer and Material Developer in the British Council, Bangladesh. Besides her studies in Canada she has worked as a volunteer ESL Teaching Assistant and Peer Leaders in different organizations.

Ms. Mondal is passionate about creating an inclusive learning environment. She is excited to join the teaching team at Pythagoras Academy.


Mrs. Rebeccah Rich

Art Specialist

Mrs. Isherwood graduated with Honorable Distinction from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a Bachelors of Visual Arts, and was the recipient of the Mary Plumb Blade Award upon graduation. Following this, she graduated with Honors from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelors of Education. She shows compassion and empathy towards all of her students, and respects individual differences by understanding and accommodating different learning styles. 

As an art teacher her goal is to empower students to have the confidence to think creatively, to strive for learning greater skills, and to have an awareness of global responsibility. 


Ms. Anne Ndofunsu

French Specialist

Ms. Ndofunsu completed her Bachelor’s Degree in applied languages at the University of Tours in France in 2008. She then went on to the University of Orléans to complete her Master’s degree in early childhood and elementary education in 2012. It has been Ms. Ndofunsu’s long standing goal to work with children as she believes being a teacher is the most rewarding of vocations. After various teaching experiences in France, Ms. Ndofunsu wanted to experience teaching abroad and because of its rich multicultural diversity, was drawn to Canada.


Ms. Corinne Welk

Music Specialist

Ms. Welk has obtained her Bachelor of Music Performance with Distinction from the University of Victoria and her Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. Ms. Welk has taught music to children for over ten years and has led students on numerous occasions in choir competitions and has placed with medals. Ms. Welk has had both Orff and Kodaly professional training and incorporates both of these pedagogies along with others throughout her lessons.

Ms. Welk has performed with the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra on numerous of occasions over the course of her career and has studied piano as a soloist, accompanist and as a duo performer at the Royal Conservatory of Music and at the University of Toronto. Ms. Welk received a scholarship and spent a long term residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts for one year and studied under the tutelage of world renowned artists.


Ms. Cherish Aperocho

Education Assistant

Ms. Aperocho was born in Alberta, Canada, but grew up and received her education in the Philippines.  She earned her Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in Special Education (cum laude), at the University of Santo Tomas. As a believer that every person has innate goodness and strengths, she patiently nurtures each student’s potentials to the fullest of her capabilities. 

On days when she is not in the classroom, she spends her time volunteering for advocacy organizations, playing soccer, surfing, and hiking. Now that she is back in Canada, Ms. Cherish is very eager to help students and colleagues at Pythagoras Academy!


Ms. Lara Lee

Education Assistant

Ms. Lee has studied and supported individuals with learning challenges for over 15 years. She has joined the Pythagoras Academy community as an education assistant. Before joining our school, one thing Ms Lee enjoyed doing was walking marathons. She brings that energy and enthusiasm to our school and is excited to meet all of the PA community.


Ms. Jasmine Xu

Success Centre Teacher

Ms. Xu received her Masters of Education from the University of Victoria, and her Bachelors of Education from the Education University of Hong Kong. Before she moved to Canada, she taught English in elementary schools in Hong Kong for five years. Teaching has always been her greatest passion in life. She loves children, and enjoys every moment helping them learn and grow.

Outside of the classroom, she likes chatting with her students and listening to their ideas in order to know her students by heart. She believes every child has their unique potential and she does her best to help them discover their interests and strengths.


Mrs. Bubbli Bajaj

Early Childhood Educator

Mrs. Bajaj has earned a Masters in French from Delhi University and an Early Childhood Education Diploma from Langley College. Moreover, she has completed art courses from several pioneering institutions; thus gaining expertise in portraits, relief, inlay, clay sculpture, glass, mosaic and Egyptian art. Mrs. Bajaj has an extensive experience as an art teacher teaching various schools at Vancouver school board.

Furthermore, she has utilized her art and French proficiency by teaching at a French school in Tsawwassen for six years. She is passionate about travelling, art, and bird watching. Mrs. Bajaj’s goal is to help each student to harness their intrinsic artistic and linguistic potentials which go well-beyond the classroom.


Mrs. Ranjita Dhadwal

Early Childhood Educator

Mrs. Dhadwal graduated with an Early Childhood Education Diploma from Vancouver Community College. She brings over 5 years of teaching experience, specifically with children between the ages of 3-5. Mrs. Dhadwal has taught in various public and independent school districts within the lower mainland of B.C. and is now a homeroom teacher at Pythagoras Academy in Richmond. 

Mrs. Dhadwal utilizes a holistic teaching approach in order to facilitate and meet the learning needs of her students. She is passionate about applying her knowledge and skills to help make a difference in the lives of children. She is looking forward to contributing to the success and growth of the students and families of Pythagoras Academy.


Ms. Melissa Lugrin

Early Childhood Educator

After volunteering at Pythagoras Academy, Ms. Lugrin became inspired to become a teacher and work with children. She graduated from Langara College, where she received her Early Childhood Educator Diploma. Ms. Lugrin is also in the process of completing her Certificate of Fine Arts at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

She finds inspiration learning alongside children, and is dedicated to creating a learning environment that encourages children to explore their own ideas, and to think creatively. In her spare time, Ms. Lugrin enjoys creating art, hiking, and playing the ukulele. She is excited to share her enthusiasm and joy for learning with children and families here at Pythagoras Academy.


Mrs. Hosne Nuri

Early Childhood Educator

After spending 7 years as an elementary school teacher, Mrs. Nuri decided to pursue her interest in Early Childhood Education. Originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Sociology, followed by a Master’s Degree in Sociology. Mrs. Nuri has a keen interest in multiculturalism, travelling and working with children. With her extensive background in education and sociology, she loves to work with children and implement educational strategies that allow students to learn at their own pace. After 8 years in the field with a specialization in Infant Toddler and Special Needs Education, Mrs. Nuri is now a homeroom teacher at Pythagoras Academy where she gets to pursue her passion as an Early Childhood Educator providing challenging and engaging opportunities for her students.


Ms. Sharon Percival

Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Percival comes to PA with a wealth of knowledge in Early Childhood Education. Originally Ms. Percival began her adult career as a professional actress after graduating from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles.  Whilst working with a Shakespeare company in London she began working with young children and soon became interested in the Montessori Pedagogy. Sharon received her St. Nicholas Montessori Diploma in London England in 1996. Sharon worked at Thomas’s Prepatory School in Chelsea, London before returning to Canada in 1997.  She was a Montessori directress for three years in West Vancouver; and studied her ECE diploma at Capilano University.  In 2003 she opened her own private Montessori school on the west side for over 11 years.  In 2014 she embarked on a teaching sabbatical in Spain for two years where she created Early Childhood programs based on Montessori, inquiry learning and forest school principles. Ms. Percival is a passionate educator who loves to develop a love of learning in each of her students. In her spare time Ms. Percival enjoys spending time with her daughter Gemma and their dog Buddy and cat Winnie. She is an avid cyclist, hiker and lover of the outdoors. Ms. Percival enjoys traveling and adventure, along with many cultural pursuits.


Ms. Leah Zeballos

Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Leah Zeballos completed her Early Childhood Education at Douglas College. She brings over 10 years of experience, mainly with children between the ages of 3-5 years. Ms. Zeballos has taught in various public and independent school settings including within Montessori settings. Ms. Zeballos is dedicated and inspired to creating a learning environment that allows children to think independently and to enhance their creativity. In her spare time, Ms. Zeballos enjoys spending quality time with her two teenage daughters and 3 pets alike. Ms. Zeballos also takes pride in her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and ongoing yoga practice. She is excited for an amazing future within the Pythagoras Academy community!

jean (2)

Ms. Jean Huang

Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Huang is a passionate early childhood educator who loves teaching children between the ages of 3-5 in a creative, interactive and fun way. She has been working in a variety of preschool and daycare settings in Richmond and decided to apply her knowledge and talent at Pythagoras Academy.
Ms. Huang holds a Master’s degree in SMFA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts) at Tufts University in Boston. She is a licensed Music Rhapsody teacher and has had MYC (Music for Young Children) professional training and integrates both of these pedagogic into her early childhood music education. When she is not teaching, she enjoys painting, snowboarding and traveling with her family.

Ms. Shantell Dular

Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Dular completed her Early Childhood Education from Vancouver Career College. She comes with over 4 years of experience. Ms. Dular has taught in various independent school settings, and mainly taught  3-5 year olds. Ms. Dular is committed to providing children with fun learning opportunities as a qualified educator. 
Ms. Dular has recently joined Pythagoras Academy and will be working with 4-5 year olds. Ms. Dular believes in providing intentional teaching and purposeful learning in Early Childhood Education. 

Ms. Jennifer Lin

Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Lin completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Taiwan, her home country. She loves to work with children and therefore wanted to pursue a career as an Early Childhood Educator. After she moved to Vancouver, Ms. Lin completed her Early Childhood Education Diploma, Special Needs Education from Langara College and Fine Arts from Emily Carr University. She is currently studying her Masters of teaching a foreign language. She has accumulated over 20 years of teaching experience. Ms. Lin believes that every child is capable and talented in their own individual way. Ms. Lin strives to develop interests in her students by building self confidence, giving words of encouragement and providing a happy environment. Ms. Lin believes that by cultivating creativity at a young age, it will create different opportunities for students in the future. Her favorite part of class is to listen to students describe their artwork as that shows their inner world! When she’s not teaching, Ms. Lin enjoys painting and listening to classical music. She loves to explore and wants to travel the world one day!


Mr. Edgar Raygoza

Early Childhood Educator

Mr. Raygoza was a Spanish teacher in Mexico for years. He has his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Instituto Jaime Torres Bodet school in Mexico. He also completed his Early Childhood Education at Vancouver Community College. Mr. Raygoza loves working with children. He was a TOC for the Junior Kindergarten program at Pythagoras Academy before joining Ms. Nuri to teach our Palladio class. Before joining Pythagoras academy, Mr. Raygoza worked at a Japanese school in Vancouver as an administrator. He is great with the children and they love learning from him!


Ms. Anh Le

Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Le is originally from Vietnam and moved to Vancouver with her family. In Vietnam, she received her Bachelors of English language from the Foreign Trade University. She has almost 2 years of experience as a coordinator for the Montessori Training Program of the Montitute Montessori Training Institute in Vietnam. In Canada, she graduated from Sprott Shaw College and received her Early Childhood Educator Assistant Certificate.

Ms. Le is passionate about sharing successful mind-sets and learning experiences with children. She strongly believes that each child has their own potential, and her mission is to help children develop their life skills and abilities as well as enjoy their learning.