Art Exhibition Week

Our Art Exhibition Opening Week, beginning January 13th, has made a wonderful impression on parents and visitors. The children have created real works of art that will make beautiful gifts to family and friends one day. An enormous thank you to Ms. Isherwood and Ms Dussaux for their exceptional instruction in the visual arts.

Time Traveling

The Grades 1’s have been traveling in time to learn about the building of the Canadian Railway and discovering parts of British Columbia’s history. The students learned that many immigrants worked together to create a very vibrant and diverse society. The students then worked cooperatively in groups to further improve their English language skills while …

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In Science…

Fourth grader, Angelina, is making Rock Candy! This is one way that students demonstrate their understanding of the Scientific Process. As in scientific tradition, she made a prediction, followed a procedure, and will wait to see if the data results are what she predicted.

Reading Buddies

The Grade 3 – 5 class reads with the JK Galileo class every Friday morning. The buddy reading allows the older children to connect to the younger students by telling stories, answering questions, and reading favorite stories they all find enjoyable. Many are working toward improving their English language skills and this is just one …

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