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Pythagoras Academy’s warm, closely knit school environment promotes the development of the whole child. Each child is encouraged and nurtured to be kind, open-hearted, curious and socially responsible. Students develop a strong academic foundation, while also building critical and creative thinking skills. Teachers help to foster innovation and transformative thinking - crucial skills in the 21st century.

Our Five Pillars

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Academic Excellence

  • Competent skills
  • Inquiry-Driven
  • In-depth knowledge
  • Robust understanding of complex local and global concepts
  • Critical Thinking
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Social Emotional Growth

  • Adaptable
  • Resilient
  • Responsive
  • Self-Regulated (effectively manages emotions and thoughts)
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  • Flexible mind
  • Outside the box thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Cross Curricular Connections
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Initiative and Innovation

  • Combines different ideas in unique way
  • Creatively engages in social justice projects
  • Entrepreneurial projects
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Practical/Life-Skills Education

  • Develops practical skills (e.g. video conferencing skills)
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership Skills

Learning at PA

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The Junior Kindergarten program blends the Reggio Emilia approach and inquiry based learning.

K - G3

Laying down a strong academic foundation while beginning to build critical and creative thinking skills.

G4 - G7

Applying skills in academic and creative disciplines while considering multiple perspectives.


Through scientific, social, artistic, and introspective modalities, students advance their real-world problem-solving skills.

After School

We offer numerous after school programs, including ballet, basketball, Lego robotics, public speaking, Mandarin and debate.

Summer School

Summer school at PA is a chance for children to learn about different topics, play sports, go on field trips and develop new skills.

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<20 minute commute from Vancouver, Delta, Tsawwassen and Burnaby
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50,000 sqft campus
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Average class size
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1 t0 1
One-to-one Chromebooks Gr. 4+
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age 3
French and Mandarin classes beginning at age 3
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6 specialist classes
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100+ hours of professional development for all staff
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hot meal
Hot meal and snacks

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First People’s Principles of Learning & Numeracy