Students in grades 3 to 7 participated in a soapstone carving workshop on November 27. Each student selected their own local BC animal to carve, sand, and polish.

 Everyone worked hard to craft a unique piece of art. This workshop connected to both science and social studies for most students. In science, the grade 3s and 4s have been investigating the diversity of animals. This style of art is also popular amongst Indigenous peoples and students got to experience the time and effort it takes to sculpt a small figurine.

The grade 4-7 classes attended the Animating History Workshop at the the Museum of Vancouver on November 7. They investigated the 1907 Riot that took place in Vancouver during a time of hostility towards Asian immigrants. In this workshop, the students discussed reasons why events like the 1907 Riot occurred and how society can move away from such violence and towards peace. They learned how to organize their ideas through story board planning, skills involving team work, design strategies and the use of stop motion generated animation. Please watch and enjoy the grade 4-7 collaborative finished animation!

 Remembrance Day Assembly

The 6/7 class worked hard to prepare for our Remembrance Day on November 10, 2017 for assembly this year. In preparation, we discussed the question, what is peace? The 6/7’s had many ideas about how peace means acceptance and letting go of fear. They then posed this question to the rest of the school and received many wonderful responses. Throughout the assembly we discussed this idea and promoted the conclusion that peace IS possible.

On November 18th some members of the Pythagoras Academy community donated the toys collected at the RCMP Toy Drive. This was to help less fortunate children and to provide an opportunity for the students to learn about giving.This year the toys are donated to the Richmond Christmas Fund. The Richmond Christmas Fund is a program operated by Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives (RCRG), a registered charity that’s been serving the community for over 45 years. It helps the low income residents to share in holiday spirits.The children helped with unloading all the collected toys from vehicles and helped add to the piles of toys. There was food and great photo-taking opportunities, as well as Santa, RCMP officers, and squad cars at the RCMP Toy Drive.

The grade 2 classes went on a wonderful PE Field Trip to Terra Nova Adventure Playground on Friday afternoon. The students were given the opportunity to explore and develop their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) including; running, jumping, balance and coordination. This has given the students a great introduction to their new PE unit plan on FMS! Thank you to Ms. Hackett for organizing the trip.


Students and staff at Pythagoras Academy celebrated Halloween on Tuesday.
We had a door decorating contest and the winners were:
1st place: Grade 6/7
2nd place: Grade 1N
3rd place: Grade KM, Grade 3, and Grade 1C for a three-way tie!
The students enjoyed a Halloween assembly lead by the grade 2 classes and played some fun Halloween games in the gym at lunch.