Information Technology

Students have been improving their typing skills using Typing Instructor 5.0 with a focus on practicing using home row. The students have found the program engaging and effective. They have been able to see progress in a very short time and are looking forward to continuing enhancing their abilities. 


Science Presentations

The grade 6’s showed their understanding of First Peoples extraction methods, where they built an inquiry project based on their personal interests. The grade 7’s collaborated to produce a presentation describing what they have learned about the formation of crystals. The projects will be on display in the commons area throughout the next few weeks.


ScienceAveryProject ScienceJacobProject ScienceTonyProject


Jk’s Visit Science World

unior kindergarten students went on a field trip to explore science world. As part of the field trip students participated in a wooden plank building workshop to consolidate their learning from the buildings and structures unit at school. 


Let’s Pretend

The Junior Kindergarten students have been learning about stories in their ‘Let’s pretend!’ unit. Their primary focus has been fairy tales and they have been learning songs about Kings and Queens, the three little pigs and ‘Frozen’. The pictures show the students practising for their performance of the ‘King is in the castle’. 

JKMTIMG_9119 (1)

JKMT2IMG_9138 (1)


The Life of Vincent Van Gogh

Grade three students learned about Vincent Van Gogh’s life and discussed how different states of mind (social-emotional) can lead to changes in the result of the final artwork. Students discussed how mood and color are connected, and how the swirling lines of the artwork “Starry Night” symbolized Van Gogh’s fragile state of mind during the time the artwork was created. Students learned how to use oil paint in the style of impressionism, and experimented with a range of brushes to create small, swirling lines of color. Students practiced blending color strategies and mixed tones of color using color theory.


The Science of Cooking

The grade two students engaged in a cooking class this week as apart of their science curriculum. Specifically, they investigated the physical and chemical changes made to vegetables. Barb from Sprouting Chefs came to the classroom and led the lesson. Students had the opportunity to compare raw and cooked vegetables to see what was the same and what was different. Each student also had the chance to practice peeling, chopping, slicing, and cutting up the vegetables. In the end, the students created a a delicious soup mixture!



Cleaning Polluted Water

Students in junior kindergarten participated in a science experiment on water pollution to understand how difficult it is to clean polluted water. The students observed a jar filled with clear water and then pour dirt, plastic, oil and flour. Later they tried to clean the water But realized it was a challenging task.


Changing States

The grade three students have just finished exploring this big idea in science: matter is made of particles. Students had to demonstrate an experiment that showed matter changing state, for example, a solid changing to a liquid. The students had to gather all the necessary materials and explain each step, while demonstrating the experiment to the class. Each experiment was unique and well thought out. Understanding that matter changes state led into the next science unit about thermal energy and students began to explore the relationship between thermal energy and matter.




Children in Da Vinci Class have been learning about different landforms. The Children learned about the different parts of a volcano, and why volcanos erupt. They created a volcano by using a 2L of Diet Pepsi, and covered the sides with bits of brown paper. Mentos were dropped inside, and the children watched the eruption. 



Écoute la phrase et fais un dessin (Listen to the sentence and draw a picture) 

In French classes this week, students have been listening to Madame Severloh say sentences, such as, Je bois de l’eau (I drink water). Students then needed to draw a quick picture on their whiteboards that matched the sentence. Students showed a lot of creativity with their drawings. For example, some students drew a person being passed by une tortue (a turtle) to match the sentence, Je marche lentement (I walk slowly). This activity allows Madame Severloh to quickly see if students are understanding the vocabulary we have been working on. Bravo tout le monde!

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Using a Scale

Math lesson, discovery of a scale as a tool to weight an object. Exploration with objects from the classroom, the students had to make predictions on which object is the lightest/heaviest. 



Circus Club

In circus club we have been learning how to master the art of prop manipulation. Grade 1 and 2 students have been enjoying their time practicing a wide variety of skills and learning new techniques. It has been a pleasure to see such quick progress and enthusiastic attitudes. 


Jobs in our Community

Students in grade one have been learning about community helpers. They have learned about the jobs in a school and conducted an interview with the principal, head master, receptionist and cook. Students had a visit from our school nurse where they learned that there are many different kinds of nurses, our school nurse works with the community and helps to teach them how to stay healthy. Students also had the opportunity to meet two RCMP officers. The police officers explain the tools that they use and even let the students sit in their police car. Last Wednesday students went on a field trip to Rocky Mountain Flatbread company. Students met a chef and a waitress who told them all about their jobs. They learned about a new job called a bartender, which is practically the “chef of drinks”! 



Chinese New Year 2017

On Friday, February 3, students at Pythagoras Academy celebrated Chinese New Year. Students in junior kindergarten through grade seven participated in a variety of different activities. Students learned about the traditions and symbols of the holiday as well as the story of the Chinese Zodiac race. Many students decorated lanterns and the grade three students prepared dumplings for our school lunch. Students and families also enjoyed watching lion dancers and some very talented musicians. Pythagoras Academy would like to thank the PAPO (Pythagoras Academy Parent Organization) and Mr. Austin for organizing such a fun event, thank you!!


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