Month: February 2015

Blow a Balloon

  The Donatello class in junior kindergarten watched baking soda and vinegar react to blow up a balloon. In this experiment, the class practiced making predictions and wafting to smell.

Force and Motion

Ms. Beukman’s science class has been studying force and motion during term two. Students have learned about forces, motion, and friction. This has been a great hands-on way to explore these scientific topics. 

Edison Workshop

 The grade five and six class participated in a workshop exploring electricity. They experimented with conductors and insulators of electricity and experienced how electricity can be transformed into sound, light, and magnetism.

Field Trip to Fort Langley

The students participated in a program called “the Fur trade challenge”. a card was given with a location and a challenge. Each place that we visited helped us learn about life in the fort, what was being traded and what was being made. there was even a place to pan for gold.