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Welcome to Pythagoras Academy!

I am very privileged to be the inaugural Head of School and advisor to the Founding Board at this time. This is a time when schools in North America need to embrace the ever changing needs of students and communities.

Pythagoras Academy offers innovative and challenging programs of learning. Through an enriched academic curriculum the goal is to develop each student to have a passion for learning and knowledge and to cultivate an inquisitiveness and confidence which will prepare them for the years ahead. A strong focus on the arts and sciences will also enable children to broaden their knowledge, at the same time challenge each individual talent, within that child.

It is my hope they will become daring creative thinkers and problem solvers. Each and every child has special gifts and those gifts must be allowed to grow. The students must be respectful of each other, the community and the world at large. It is my wish that every student will be confident to face a world that is forever changing and through time make a difference.

I invite you to visit our campus to see first-hand our facilities and grounds. I look forward to meeting you when you visit.

Clive S. K. Austin